Thursday, July 20, 2017

PTA Blues Video Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

The Other Woman (1954) Cleo Moore

Every Man She Touched - She Destroyed!

Model Sherry Stewart goes psycho when director Walter Darman turns her down after she reads for a small part in his picture. 


 Hugo Haas


 Hugo Haas


 Hugo HaasCleo MooreLance Fuller

This movie bombed out when it was new, but I found it entertaining. Not very many people remember Cleo Moore but she is known today as "The Queen of the B movie Bad Girls". The Other Women is not one of my favorite film noir movies, but its worth a watch. ★★★

Cleo Moore & Hugo Haas

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Circle Of Fear (TV 1973) The Ghost Of Potter's Field

Tab Hunter stars as newspaper reporter Bob Herrick, who is doing research for an article at Potter's field cemetery when he believes he sees his own self staring back at him. Thinking himself tired, he shrugs it off but later sees himself at his apartment, and his girlfriend(played by Louise Sorel) believes that somehow at the cemetery a doppleganger(one's own phantom double) has latched itself onto him, and now wants to take over his life. His friends scoff, but when they start dying mysteriously, Bob realizes that he must take immediate action to repel the ghost... 


 Don McDougall


 Bill S. BallingerRichard Matheson (developer)


 Tab HunterLouise SorelGary Conway 

Desire (1936) Marlene Dietrich & Gary Cooper


An automotive engineer bound for a holiday in Spain falls in love with a jewel thief.


 Frank Borzage


 Hans SzĂ©kely 


 Marlene DietrichGary CooperJohn Halliday

I first saw this on TCM years ago, and was delighted to find it on Youtube. Whoever uploaded the film put the wrong title in the description, A wish, but its a good copy of Desire. Desire is the second of two films in which Dietrich and Cooper were co-starred. This is a very entertaining romantic comedy, with a simple plot, and witty dialogue. The acting, directing and story-line are brilliant, the movie will keep your interest at all times.★★★

 Marlene Dietrich

 Marlene Dietrich & John Halliday
Marlene Dietrich & Gary Cooper