Thursday, November 23, 2017

Roses are Red (1947) Don Castle


 James Tinling


 Irving Elman


 Don CastlePeggy KnudsenPatricia Knight

Good guy is a DA, bad guy is an ex-con, they happen to look alike. The bad guy try's to impersonate the good guy, but the good guy impersonates the bad guy. The idea is old but the movie is fun, with Don Castle as the good and bad guy. The script is pretty good, telling some truths like the mob controlling the politicians, they all have their price you know. An interesting cast, Don Castle in the lead never made it big,  he died from a drug overdose at the age of 47. Peggy Knudsen, knockout curvaceous screen siren, plays a reporter and love interest to the DA. Patricia Knight, another knockout, only did a few movies. While watching look for Jeff Chandler and James Arness in small supporting roles.★★★ 

Patricia Knight, Don Castle & Joe Sawyer

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Framed (1930) Evelyn Brent


 George Archainbaud


 Paul Schofield (screenplay), Wallace Smith (dialogue)


 Evelyn BrentRegis ToomeyRalf Harolde

Evelyn Brent plays Rose Manning, Rose learns that the one person in life she cared about, her father, has been killed in a shootout with the cops, she blames the cops and swears her revenge. This was a fun early talky gangster movie, good story with some great actors. No Pre-Code inclusions except we see Evelyn Brent showing off her legs and in a negligee at 11:25, what a sweet looking dame. Evelyn Brent was a great actress, very popular in the 1920's and 30's. At 25:35 one of my favorite songs, A Little Kiss Each Morning, also featured in the 1929 movie musical The Vagabond Lover. 
So don't be a sucker, watch Framed, or our errand boy Bing will get you.★★★

Evelyn Brent

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fright (1956) Eric Fleming


 W. Lee Wilder


 Myles Wilder (screenplay), Myles Wilder (story)


 Eric FlemingNancy MaloneFrank Marth 

This is the story of psychiatrist, Dr. James Hamilton (Eric Fleming), who hypnotizes a convicted murder into not jumping off a bridge. A young woman Ann Summers (Nancy Malone), seeks the help of Dr. Hamilton because she was affected by his hypnotic ability. Dr. Hamilton becomes intrigued by the woman and soon falls in love with her. A nosy reporter surreptitiously listens to a recording of the Doctors patient, and writes a story that causes Ann to run away, and makes a suspect of Dr. Hamilton. This is an interesting story filmed on location in New York. Eric Fleming is credible as the Doctor in his first staring role. I loved Fleming as Gil Favor in Rawhide, too bad he died so young.  Nancy Malone you may recognize from many TV shows. The music by Lew Davies added to the strangeness of the story with the use of the Theremin. If you like a mystery with a psychological twist, you must see Fright. ★★★

Eric Fleming