Monday, September 22, 2014

C. P. MacGregor

 By 1935 there were four major transcription services supplying 350 radio stations: World Transcription Service, Standard Radio Library, RCA/NBC Thesaurus, and the C.P. MacGregor service. Each of these companies provided a basic library of radio shows complete in themselves except for local commercial tie-ins, a library of musical selections, a license to play them on the air, and periodic issues of new discs and replacements. These libraries did not "belong" to a radio station; they were leased for as long as station paid the necessary fees.

You're An Education 

There's Honey On the Moon Tonight
C.P. "Chick" MacGregor was a prolific producer of music transcriptions and syndicated programming for radio. Among the discs his company distributed to subscribers for a period in the late 1930s was this series of 10-inch 78rpm discs with label credit to MacGregor as the primary artist

Electrical transcription audio courtesy of The Rick Colom Collection: There's Honey On The Moon Tonight (Coots-Gillespie-David) by "Chick" MacGregor and his Royal Highlanders (actual 78 label scan not available)

 Isn't It Wonderful, Isn't It Swell (instrumental)  

Silver on the Sage

You Go To My Head

Please Come Out Of Your Dream

You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby


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