Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Dorsey Brothers

In the late 1920s the Dorsey brothers were among the leading musicians of the day. Recording started in 1928 and continued into 1934. On Memorial Day 1935 the brothers had a violent argument and separated. Jimmy took over the band, with Bobby Byrne handling Tommy's trombone solos. Tommy took over nucleus of Joe Haymes band that September. In 1947 the brothers come together to work on the biographical movie The Fabulous Dorseys. They did not get back together until 1953 when Jimmy joined Tommy's band.  They stayed together until Tommy's death in 1956. A tragic relationship, the brothers died within months of each other.

Singin' In The Rain 1929

Wake Up and Live Tommy Dorsey 1937

Tommy Dorsey Orchestra 1940s

Tommy Dorsey Orchestra 1940 - 1949

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