Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eddie Cantor - Singer Comedian Author Actor 1892 to 1962

Eddie Cantor was born on the Lower East Side of New York City in 1892 (exact date in question) and lost his parents by the age of three. Upon receiving the news that her grandson was now an orphan, his grandmother, Esther, took care of him. They eked out a meager existence in the basement of a tenement on Henry Street; Esther sold candles and ran an employment agency for girls who hoped to get work as servants. As Eddie got older, his close proximity to the opposite sex was not in the least bit annoying to him. He began to show signs of being an entertainer by singing in the streets, juggling and just plain making a spectacle of himself. He also took jobs at local businesses like Issac Gellis on Market Street. Phyllis Rosenteur, who helped him write one of his last books The Way I See It, recalls him sending her Issac Gellis hot dogs, staying loyal to that product some fifty years later!            Continue reading;          Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society
Makin' Whoopee 1928 

That's The Kind Of A Baby For Me 1917

Victor 18342 is the earliest Eddie Cantor record I have found

Ballyhoo 1931 Hit of the Week Record

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