Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fletcher " Smack" Henderson

Fletcher Henderson led the most commercially successful of the African-American Jazz bands of the 1920s. The smooth sound of his orchestra gave birth to the Swing style of the next decade. Henderson was from a middle class family and held a degree in chemistry from Atlanta University. He moved to New York in 1920 intending to do post-graduate work there while working as a chemist, but he found that jobs were closed to him because of his race. He instead found work demonstrating sheet music for W.C. Handy's music publishing company.
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Until Today 1936
Tozo 1927

The Henderson Stomp 1926

Money Blues 1925

Christopher Columbus   Theme Song

Stampede 1937

Down South Camp Meeting 1934

Hotter Than 'Ell  1934

Wrappin' It Up  1934

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