Monday, December 15, 2014

Leo Reisman

 October 11, 1897 - December 18, 1961
Great bandleader from 1916 into the 1950s. As a youth he was a talented concert violinist. He attended New England Conservatory of music. In 1916 at the age of 19 he led a salon orchestra. As a 12-year old played the violin with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Reisman recorded for Columbia exclusively from July 1923 through March 11, 1929, when he signed with Victor and stayed until October 1933. He then signed with Brunswick and stayed until 1937 when he re-signed with Victor.  His first recording was in 1921 on Columbia. In 1942, he signed with Decca Records and remained with them until his death. Reisman employed the legendary trumpet player Bubber Miley in 1930-31 on records and sometimes in person. His orchestra was popular in the early 30s at New York's Central Park Casino. Reisman also featured composers and Broadway performers as band vocalists, including Harold Arlen, Fred Astaire, Clifton Webb, and Arthur Schwartz. He also featured Lee Wiley in 1931-32 for her first 3 recordings. The band leader and TV personality, Mitch Miller, also was a member of Reisman's orchestra. More often than not, his vocalists were Frank Luther, Dick Robertson and later Sally Singer and George Beuler. His theme song was What is This Thing Called Love.
Don't Let It Bother You   1934

Puttin' On The Ritz   1930

Theme song   1930

Bright Eyes   1921

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