Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Roger Wolfe Kahn

Roger Wolfe Kahn bandleader, composer, could play many instruments, owned booking office and nightclub, and he was a WWII test pilot.
October 19, 1907 - July 12, 1962

 Rhythm Of The Day   1925  

Crazy Rhythm   1928

Imagination   1928  

Following You Around   1927  

All by My Ownsome   1927

Clip from Yacht Party Vitaphone short 1932

She's a great, great girl! 1928 
Great personnel on this record

Say Yes Today  1928  

With wife Hannah Williams and his father Otto 1931
Roger Wolfe Kahn received financial aid at times from his father, hence his orchestra sometimes dubbed The Million Band.

 I'm Sitting on Top of the World  1925  

With Bix?

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