Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Musical Memories April 8th

1692 - Giuseppe Tartini, Italy, violinist/composer born in Italy (d.1770)

1781 - Premiere of Mozart's Violin Sonata No. 27 in G, K. 379 

1888 - Victor Schertzinger, composer/director born in Mahanoy, Penn. (d.1941)

1889 - Adrian Boult, conductor/composer born in Chester, England (d.1983)

1896 - Yip Harburg, lyricist born in New York, NY (d.1981)

1897 - Herbert Eimert, composer/musicologist born in Germany (d.1972)

1902 - Josef Krips, conductor/violinist born in Vienna, Austria (d.1974)

1912 - Tito Guizar, singer/actor born in Guadalajara, Mexico (d.1999)

1920 - Carmen McRae, jazz singer/pianist born in New York, NY (d.1994)

1920 - Charles Tomlinson Griffes, composer dies at 35

1937 - Arthur William Foote, organist/composer dies at 84

1938 - King Oliver, cornetist/bandleader/composer dies at 52
(some sources say he died on the 10th)

 1963 - 35th Academy Awards -
 Lawrence of Arabia Best picture, directing, and music score

Days of Wine and Roses, Best song

Meredith Willson's The Music Man, Best scoring of music

1975 - 47th Academy Awards -
The Godfather Part II, Best picture and best music original dramatic score

The Towering Inferno, Best song We May Never Love Like This Again

The Great Gatsby, Best music scoring

1993 - Marian Anderson, contralto dies at 96

1994 - Irene Eisinger, singer, dies at 91

1996 - Charles Donald Adams, opera singer, dies at 67

1997 - Laura Nyro, singer, dies of ovarian cancer at 49

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