Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The President's Lady (1953) Charlton Heston

Rachel Jackson had been married before, to Lewis Robards. The marriage was an unhappy one. Rachel came to Nashville, on the edge of the wilderness, to stay with her mother. While she was still married to Robards, she met Jackson, who was living with her mother as a border. She and Jackson fell in love and gossip about their relationship immediately followed, as did angry confrontations between Robards and Jackson. The timing of her marriage to Jackson is unclear, but it was almost certainly before she finalized her divorce from Robards. 

This is one of the best historical romances on film. It's the story of Andrew Jackson, played by Charlton Heston, and centers on his love of Rachel, acted by Susan Hayward.

The President's Lady 
Charlton Heston & Susan Hayward

1953 Full Movie

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