Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Day After (1983)

A graphic, disturbing film about the effects of a devastating nuclear holocaust on small-town residents of eastern Kansas. The premiere of this TV movie was a major media event. No sponsors bought commercial time after the point in the movie where the nuclear war occurs, so the last half of the show was aired straight through, without commercials. ABC set up special 1-800 hotlines to calm people down during and after the original airing. The original air date (on ABC) was November 20, 1983. Over 100 million Americans were estimated to have viewed the program.


 Nicholas Meyer


 Jason RobardsJoBeth WilliamsSteve Guttenberg\

Immediately after the film's original broadcast, it was followed by a special news program, featuring a live discussion. It was during this discussion, aired live on network television, where Dr. Sagan introduced the world to the concept of "nuclear winter" and made his famous analogy, "Imagine a room awash in gasoline, and there are two implacable enemies in that room. One of them has nine thousand matches, the other seven thousand matches. Each of them is concerned about who's ahead, who's stronger."

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