Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This Island Earth (1955) Faith Domergue

Aliens come to Earth seeking scientists to help them in their war.


 Joseph M. Newman (as Joseph Newman)


 Jeff MorrowFaith DomergueRex Reason

This Island Earth is a classic science-fiction epic with plenty of cool special effects. The plot is not that good. Would advanced beings look for our help? They are so far advanced that we are like cavemen compared to them, but still this movie was fun to look at. The Interocetor was one of the most fantastic ideas, at the time, in any science-fiction film. The Metaluna flying saucer design was based on a real UFO. In 1950 a farmer saw, and photographed, the UFO. Known as "The McMinnville Incident" his photographs have never been exposed as a hoax. Exeter played by Jeff Morrow with the white hair and prominent forehead was one of the most memorable aliens of the 50s. Faith Domergue is the only broad in the film, but what a beautiful dish. This Island Earth is one of the top science-fiction films of the 50s in my book.★★★★

Faith Domergue with the Metaluna's

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