Saturday, January 7, 2017

Wild Heritage (1958)

The Breslin family goes west in a wagon and as soon as they stop in a small town, Jake the father, is cowardly killed in a saloon fight. The mother (Maureen O' Sulivan) is in a hard situation, but Judge Copeland (Will Rogers Jr.) will give her advice and her sons and daughter will become more mature, and in one way or another make up for the loss of the father. They get to meet the Bascombs, another family on a covered wagon, where Mother Breslin will became friendly with Mother Bascomb, but the Bascomb boy ,Troy Donahue will fight the Breslin youths, joined by his sister. Eventually the Breslins meet cowboys with a herd and become friendly, but then the rustlers show up. An entertaining and positive film, gives a different approach to the western genre.


 Charles Haas 


 Will Rogers Jr.Maureen O'SullivanRod McKuen

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