Friday, May 19, 2017

Tribes (1970)

A Marine Corps drill instructor who is disgusted by the fact that the Corps now accepts draftees finds himself pitted against a hippie who has been drafted but refuses to accept the military's way of doing things.


 Joseph Sargent


 Tracy Keenan WynnMarvin Schwartz


 Darren McGavinEarl HollimanJan-Michael Vincent

 WANTED by the US Marines: for AWOL, insubordination . . . and doing his thing!

Tribes was a fine character study of opposites, with Darren McGavin and Jan-Michael Vincent in stand-out performances. Earl Holliman is a great drill Sgt. who is at his wits end in trying to get this young man to "conform" to a military role. This made for tv movie was interesting from start to finish give it ★★★★

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