Monday, June 19, 2017

Frontier Gal (1945) Yvonne De Carlo

Frontier Gal (full movie)
Rod Cameron plays Johnny Hart, a cowpoke on the wrong side of the law, but good-hearted nevertheless. 
He falls in love with Lorena (Yvonne deCarlo), a beautiful saloon owner.


 Charles Lamont


 Michael Fessier 


 Yvonne De CarloRod CameronAndy Devine

"Frontier Gal" was made in 1945, but it looks like it could have been made at least a decade later: it's dazzlingly photographed in Technicolor, has well-shot action scenes, and is not afraid of using playful violence as a form of foreplay - there is definite sexual chemistry between Rod Cameron and Yvonne De Carlo. Yvonne looks so comfortable mounting and dismounting and riding horses that it's obvious why she was chosen to star in so many Westerns. There's music, dance,and some a climax near a waterfall. Along for the ride are Andy Devine and Fuzzy Knight. This was a fun movie that I will watch again. 
I give Frontier Gal★★★★ 

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