Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kid Boots (1926) Eddie Cantor & Clara Bow

Florenz Ziegfeld's KID BOOTS

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Eddie Cantor plays an unlucky haberdasher who gets fired because of  an angry customer. He gets in with a wealthy playboy and agrees to help him get a divorce from his wife, only to find himself falling for the girlfriend of the customer who got him in trouble in the first place. 


 Frank Tuttle


 William Anthony McGuire (play), Otto A. Harbach (play)


 Eddie CantorClara BowBillie Dove

A  hapless fellow known as "Kid Boots" is rescued from a bully by a handsome young playboy named Tom in return Kid agrees to help Tom get a divorce from his gold-digging wife. There is a hilarious comedy sequence at the end where Clara and Kid Boots ride galloping horses over a steep mountain path, they fall off the cliff but luckily  Kid Boots is wearing a parachute, and they glide right down into the courthouse. This movie is just the thing to lift your mood on a rainy afternoon. ★★★

Billie Dove 

Clara Bow

Eddie Cantor

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