Thursday, June 15, 2017

She Devil - Mari Blanchard 1957

GORGEOUS DEMON! They created an inhuman being who destroyed 
everything she touched! The woman they couldn't kill!


Doctors Scott and Bach inject the dying Kyra Zelas with a formula which saves her life - but also renders her almost immortal and wickedly evil.


 Kurt Neumann


 Kurt Neumann (screenplay)


 Mari BlanchardJack KellyAlbert Dekker 

"She Devil" is good 50s sci-fi, with care taken to make plausible the science behind the fiction. This film was written, produced and directed by Kurt Neumann, best known for "The Fly". Overall, this is a highly entertaining film. It has a few holes in the story but worth watching especally to see Mari Blanchard. WOW! Igive this film ★★★

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