Friday, June 23, 2017

Short Cut to Hell (1957)

                                                       I'm not a person I'm a gun

Short Cut to Hell (full movie)

A professional hitman is hired to commit two murders. He is paid off in what turns out to be stolen money, and the police soon trace the money to him. On the run, he kidnaps the girlfriend of the police detective in charge of his pursuit and threatens to kill her unless the hunt is called off.


 James Cagney


 Graham Greene (novel), Ted Berkman (screenplay) 


 William BishopRobert IversGeorgann Johnson, Yvette Vickers

This is the only film James Cagney directed, and for a first-time effort, this remake of THIS GUN FOR HIRE is not too shabby. As the film begins, it opens with Cagney himself addressing the audience about the film. Short Cut to Hell is fast paced and keeps your interest. I give  Short Cut to Hell★★★ 

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