Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Invaders (1967) TV Nightmare

A schoolteacher with a nervous disposition visits one of her students in his barn and sees something she shouldn't: a metallic box that seems to be controlling locusts. No one takes her story seriously, and even she believes she imagined the whole thing. But her story hits the newspapers, which brings David Vincent to her small Kansas town to investigate. The trouble is, the townsfolk resent strangers - none more so than the ones who are aliens in disguise.

As a teenager this was one of my favorite TV shows. This epasode Nightmare had one of the best opening sceans of any science fiction TV show, really creepy. 


 Paul Wendkos


 John KneubuhlLarry Cohen (creator)


 Roy ThinnesKathleen WiddoesRobert Emhardt

Roy Thinnes

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