Friday, June 23, 2017

Vice Raid (1960) Mamie Van Doren

Big Crackdown On Call-Girl Racket!

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The bosses of a prostitution racket have one of their hookers go to New York City to entrap a police officer and get him thrown off the force. She gets the job done, but then the gangsters make a mistake, one of the them rapes her sister.


 Edward L. Cahn


 Charles Ellis (screenplay)


 Mamie Van DorenRichard CooganBrad Dexter

"Vice Raid" is a very good cop film, Mamie Van Doren being the main draw. Richard Coogan gives a convencing performance as the cop who was set-up. While this film lacks a huge budget and big-name stars, it makes up for it with tough dialog and a nice little story. The bottom line is that it delivers the goods and is worth your time. ★★★

Mamie Van Doren

Richard Coogan

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