Sunday, July 30, 2017

Alice in Acidland (1969) Sheri Jackson

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College students are invited to a swing club by a lesbian Friend. Alice gets high and drops acid.


 Donn Greer 


 Gertrude Steen


 Julia BlackburnRoger GentryDonn Greer

Alice in Acidland is a soft-core porn film that try's to show the evils of LSD. No dialogue only a narrator to document actors engaging in straight and lesbian sex, doing drugs and in general just having a blast. Filmed in black and white, the last part is in color where the trip happens. The ending is like Hitchcock's PSYCHO where Alice is in a straitjacket staring at the camera. Would this film stop me from taking LSD? No! In fact the trip sequence looked more like she had a good trip not a bummer. But the narrator tells us she is now a mental vegetable, permanently flipped out man. Orange Sunshine anyone?   ★★  

  Sheri Jackson

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