Saturday, July 15, 2017

As Young as You Feel (1951) Monty Woolley

A 65-year-old printer hatches an elaborate scheme to avoid forced retirement.


 Harmon Jones


 Paddy Chayefsky (story), Lamar Trotti


 Monty WoolleyThelma RitterDavid Wayne

If you're a Monty Woolley fan like me you'll enjoy this movie. Woolley plays John Hodges who is fired from his job in a printing company due to corporate policy that no one can work past 65 years of age. Hodges has a lot of wisdom and a plot to get his job back. Also notable is Marilyn Monroe in a small role but already stealing her every scene. Entertaining and definitely worth seeing.★★★

Monty Woolley and Constance Bennett

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