Sunday, July 23, 2017

Girls Town (1959) Mamie Van Doran

Mamie van Doren is Silver, a sexy juvenile delinquent accused of pushing her boyfriend over a cliff. She is committed to a reform school run by nuns. Will she clear herself? Find out...


 Charles F. Haas (as Charles Haas)


 Robert Hardy Andrews (story), Robert Smith


 Mamie Van DorenMel TorméRay Anthony

This film is one of Mamie Van Doran's all-time greats. The movie was a box office smash, but not before it ran afoul of the Catholic Church. Cardinal Spellman's approval over the final cut was needed as a result of the film being set in a Catholic establishment. Spellman had them cut a shower scene in witch Mamie, seen only from the shoulders up, sings a tune. Mamie Van Doran is sexy, vulnerable, tough, and overall, very likable. If you're not a Mamie fan by the end of this movie, you need to check your pulse 'cause you may be dead.★★★

Mamie Van Doran

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