Friday, July 14, 2017

Hannie Caulder (1971) Raquel Welch

After she is raped and her husband murdered, a woman hires a bounty hunter to instruct her in the use of a gun so she can get her revenge on the three outlaws responsible.


 Burt Kennedy


 Ian Quicke (characters), Bob Richards (characters) 


 Raquel WelchRobert CulpErnest Borgnine

Welch is sexy and believable as Hannie Caulder, and we are on her side from the start. Excellent supporting performances by Robert Culp, Christopher Lee and the three villains: Jack Elam, Strother Martin and Ernest Borgnine (The Three Stooges). Even though she is slinging a gun in this film Raquel has not lost her sexiness and vulnerability. Robert Culp as Tom Price is cool and convincing ( I still think of him in I Spy, loved that show). Jack Elam is a favorite of mine, I think hes funny. Strother Martin is the brother that is always being pushed around ( every time I see him I think of him in Cool Hand Luke, "What we've got here is... failure to communicate." Ernest Borgnine makes for a very good bad guy, and almost kills Hannie.  Look for Christopher Lee's subtle and well-crafted performance as a gunmaker. Hannie Caulder is sexy, violent, and a real hoot.★★★

Raquel Welch

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