Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Jeff's Collie (1956) TV

My love of dogs and animals was developed at an early age, and Lassie was a big part of it. The original Lassie TV show starred the Miller family with Tommy Rettig as Jeff, Jan Clayton as his Mother, Ellen, and George Cleveland as Gramps. Having watched the show at an early age I prefer "Jeff's Collie" to the other incarnations of "Lassie". Tommy Rettig was a successful child actor in 1954 when he was chosen out of a field of 500 to play Jeff Miller in the TV series Lassie (1954). TV folklore has it that when the producers had narrowed the casting down to three boy juveniles for the part of Lassie's young master, they allowed Lassie herself to make the final decision. Supposely the dog walked straight over to Tommy and affectionately nuzzled the boy, thus winning him the role. At the end of Tommy's life, he was again reunited with Lassie, as his ashes were spread off the coast of Marina del Rey onboard the LaSea, with Lassie present to say goodbye. If you have a story about your dog or Lassie please comment below. 

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  1. I once had a poodle named Augie. After Augie passed away I was very distraught. I collect records and a few days before Augies death a friend came over and gave me a box of records. The day Augie died I opened the box and the first record I pulled out was "Where Has My Little Dog Gone?".