Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Monkey Business (1952) Cary Grant - Ginger Rogers

Barnaby Fulton is a research chemist working on a fountain of youth pill for a chemical company. While trying a sample dose on himself, he accidentally gets a dose of a mixture added to the water cooler and believes his potion is what is working. The mixture temporarily causes him to feel and act like a teenager, including correcting his vision.


 Howard Hawks


 Ben Hecht (screenplay), Charles Lederer (screenplay)


 Cary GrantGinger RogersMarilyn Monroe
Monkey Business is one of my favorite comedys with Cary Grant as the absent-minded professor who's looking for the fountain of youth.Ginger Rogers is first rate as the professors wife and gets really wild later in the film. Marilyn Monroe's part is just another ditzy bombshell secretary, but something about her just jumps off the screen. Although she has limited screen time you cannot take your eyes off of her anytime she is in the shot.  I would recommend this film to anybody who appreciates Marilyn Monroe or good old fashioned Hollywood madcap humor.★★★1/2

Cary Grant - Ginger Rogers - Marilyn Monroe

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