Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Prehistoric Women (1950) Laurette Luez

Prehistoric Women is the tale of a prehistoric tribe where some of the women fled with the female children to escape the tyranny of the males. The women kidnap and enslave some males for mates. Along the way the male lead invents fire (and cooking), battles a giant bird and a giant.


 Gregg G. Tallas (as Gregory G. Tallas)


 Sam X. Abarbanel (original screenplay), Gregg G. Tallas(original screenplay) (as Gregory G. Tallas)


 Laurette LuezAllan NixonJoan Shawlee

The story line in this flick is not played for laughs but that's what you get in this cult classic. This is one of those movies you should watch at midnight when your stoned. Prehistoric Women is a different kind of liberated women, shes sexy and can knock men around. When this film came out Life Magazine of (10/2/50) ran a three-page feature article on the movie. The producers of the film had five of the six principal actresses tour the country dressed in their cave girl costumes. The group even went as far as to burst into a session of Congress, shouting and waving their clubs and sling-shots, no wonder Congress gets nothing done. If you like your cave girl with makeup and a great hairdo this movie is for you. ★★ 

The Cave Girls pose for this publicity photo

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