Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Private Hell 36 (1954) Ida Lupino


Two detectives are investigating a robbery in which $300,000 was taken. Their investigation leads them to the main player and they find the cash, but one of them has meanwhile fallen hard for a woman with expensive tastes, and though he desperately wants to keep her, he knows that a cop's salary isn't going to be enough for her. 


 Don Siegel


 Collier Young (written for the screen by), Ida Lupino(written for the screen by)


 Ida LupinoSteve CochranHoward Duff 

A film noir but with the typical Hollywood moral ending. Steve Cochran plays a cop who sees an opportunity to get rich off of money from a dead murder suspect, with Ida Lupino as the object of his lust. Howard Duff his partner went way overboard in his portrayal of the "good" cop. The film has some very exciting action sequences but overall it's dull, and not one I'd watch a second time. ★★

Ida Lupino & Steve Cochran

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