Sunday, July 2, 2017

Shield For Murder (1954) Edmond O'Brien - John Agar

When a brutal police detective Lt. murders a bookmaker's runner for $25,000 in cash, a deaf mute sees him do it, and now he finds he must kill again to cover his tracks.


 Howard W. KochEdmond O'Brien


 Richard Alan Simmons (screenplay), John C. Higgins(screenplay) 


 Edmond O'BrienJohn AgarMarla English

Detective Lt. Barney Nolan played by Edmond O'Brien, gives a very hard-edged performance and his character is completely unlikable.  He descends into violent desperation. After a few drinks in a spaghetti bar he meets incredible looking Carolyn Jones, a few minutes later he beats the crap out of the mugs that want their money back. Shield For Murder is a fast-paced crime drama that builds to an exciting climax. This is a better than average cop film that holds up very well today. For fans of Noir, like myself, it's a must-see.★★★

Edmond O'Brien

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