Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Teenage Thunder (1957) Chuck Courtney

"Chicken" is not just a word's murder!

Eighteen-year-old Johnnie, chafing under his father's authority, seeks to get a job, buy a hot-rod, woo his girl, and stand up to the local bully.
Trouble seems to follow Johnnie Simpson (Chuck Courtney) and in this film you feel his frustration. His friend Betty (Melinda Byron) really goes for Johnnie, but he has a one track mind. Johnnies antagonist Maure (Robert Fuller) means to get him in deep shit. See how it ends in this exciting teen flick. ★★★★  


 Paul Helmick


 Rudy Makoul (screenplay), Paul Helmick (additional dialogue)


 Chuck CourtneyMelinda ByronRobert Fuller

Chuck Courtney

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