Monday, July 3, 2017

The Bob Cummings Show (1957)

Hold it! I think you're gonna like this picture! 

The romantic misadventures of Bob Collins, a suave, sophisticated bachelor and photographer operating in Hollywood, California. The show centers around his womanizing ways with his models, and his sister's attempts to make him settle down.


 Robert CummingsAnn B. DavisRosemary DeCamp

I watched The Bob Cummings Show when it first aired and in many reruns over the years. Love That Bob is the program that got me interested in photography. Every week this guy would have so many beautiful women to photograph. What each episode lacked in plot made up for in humor and gorgeous models. It's fun to watch if you'd like to see the kind of wholesome sex farce TV could produce in the late 1950's, that was neither explicit nor offensive.
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Robert Cummings

Rosemary DeCamp

Ann B. Davis

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