Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Card (1952) Alec Guinness

An ambitious young man finds many ways to raise himself through the ranks in business and social standing.


 Ronald Neame


 Arnold Bennett (novel), Eric Ambler (screenplay)


 Alec GuinnessGlynis JohnsValerie Hobson, Petula Clark

The Card was released in the USA under the title of The Promoter. Alec Guinness plays a young man from the lower class who wants to move up in the world, and does. The Card should be required viewing for Alec Guinness fans, what a great actor. This film had perfect casting. Glynis Johns was one of my favorite character actress, she was best known for her role as Mrs. Winifred Banks, the children's mother in the Disney musical Mary Poppins (1964). Fun seeing Petula Clark in an early roll, I still after all these years have that song going through my head, "Downtown". The Card is great entertainment!★★★

Alec Guinness & Glynis Johns

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