Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Dark Corner (1946)

Save your lipstick, girls, he plays for keeps

Secretary tries to help her boss, who is framed for a murder.


 Henry Hathaway


 Jay Dratler (screenplay), Bernard C. Schoenfeld(screenplay) (as Bernard Schoenfeld) |


 Lucille BallClifton WebbWilliam Bendix, Mark Stevens 

A nice crime script and fine directing by Henry Hathaway. "The Dark Corner" is an excellent example of a film noir, enhanced by the background shots of Manhattan and the music. Mark Stevens, as Brad, makes a good attempt to portray Brad Galt, the man who wants to play it straight after his run in with the law. The biggest surprise of the film was the wonderful Lucille Ball playing the secretary. Ms. Ball was an accomplished actress who was basically seen in comedy, but as this film shows, she could play anything. For viewers who like heavy-duty 1940's noir films with interesting characters, good acting, and striking cinematography, "The Dark Corner" is one of the better choices."The Dark Corner" is a film that will not disappoint.★★★1/2 

 Mark Stevens & Clifton Webb

Lucille Ball

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