Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Lone Ranger (1949) TV Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels

Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels


 George B. Seitz Jr.


 George W. Trendle (creator), Tom Seller (screenplay) 


 Clayton MooreJay SilverheelsLouise Lorimer

The Ranger investigates why a series of Wells Fargo robberies throughout the territory seem to have spared Boone County. 

Cannonball McKay
Air Date 12-29-1949
Season 1 Episode 16 

When I was a lad I loved this show, as did countless other young boys. These old programs are dated for todays children, but The Lone Ranger taught me good solid values, not like the shows of today that teach kids to be gay. This was a great episode with a surprise ending. Without giving anything away I like how the Lone Ranger extracts a confession out of the bad guy. If you liked the Lone Ranger as much as I do tell us about it with a comment.

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