Friday, July 7, 2017

The Upturned Glass (1947) James Mason

A prominent neurosurgeon relates to his students in medical school a story about an affair he had with a married woman and how, after the affair was over, the woman one day fell out a window and died. The surgeon, suspecting that she was murdered, set out to find her killer--but, instead of turning the suspect over to the police, he planned to take his own revenge on the murderer. 

This is a very unusual and intelligent thriller. The Upturned Glass is a nice bit of melodramatic noir with Mason really carrying this film. Mason is mesmerizing as always, but the title really has nothing to do with the plot. For film noir fans, there are many elements there of that genre, including some dark and moody photography and a femme fatal that is very unlikable.★★★


 Lawrence Huntington


 John Monaghan 


 James MasonRosamund JohnPamela Mason 

James Mason

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