Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wild in the Streets (1968) Christopher Jones

Max Frost is a 22 year old rock star with presidential aspirations. Max leaves home but not before trashing his parents house and blowing up his dads new car.


 Barry Shear


 Robert Thom


 Christopher JonesShelley WintersDiane Varsi

I saw this when it came out back in 1968, as a 16 year old the film made an impression on me. Even before this film I thought 18 year olds should be able to vote, after all they were dying in Viet Nam. Don't trust anyone over 30 was a common meme back then. The movie predates the Kent State killings two years ahead of time. This film might have inspired Yippie leaders to threaten putting LSD into Chicago's water supply for the 1968 Democratic Convention. The film was playing in theaters when Robert Kennedy was assassinated.  Tune in Turn on and watch Wild in the Streets.★★★ 

 Christopher Jones

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