Monday, July 31, 2017

Wonderwall (1968) Jack MacGowran

Jack MacGgowran plays an aging eccentric scientist who looks through his apartment wall and falls in love with a beautiful young model living next door. 


 Joe Massot


 GĂ©rard Brach (story), Guillermo Cabrera Infante(screenplay)


 Jack MacGowranJane BirkinIrene Handl

Wonderwall is a charming story, a surrealistic look into a mans obsession with the girl next door. The musical score was composed by George Harrison and the soundtrack album became the first solo project issued by a member of the Beatles. This is a film that will not appeal to everyone, but it needs to be viewed in relation to the era it was made. I liked the film, but then I'm just an old hippy. So if you feel "groovy" watch Wonderwall.★★★

Jack MacGowran

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