Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Bucket of Blood (1959) Dick Miller

An off-balance busboy in a beatnik cafe accidentally kills a cat, and turns the dead animal into a sculpture. A poet in the cafe inspires the busboy to produce more art.  By the time the beatniks catch on to the fact that this guy may not be so hip after all, the death toll has risen. 


 Roger Corman


 Charles B. Griffith (screenplay)


 Dick MillerBarboura MorrisAntony Carbone

Man like this flick is crazy. Dick Miller plays Walter Paisley a busboy who is slated for crashville. This low budget black comedy is a satire on art and the beatnik culture. If you have a twisted  sense of humor like me, you'll dig this film. The movie's portrayal of the beatnik scene is convincing and entertaining. Julian Burton who played the poet had some great lines; "necrophiliacs may dance upon the placemats in an orgy of togetherness." So make the scene and watch A Bucket of Blood. ★★★
Dick Miller

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