Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Glen or Glenda (1953) Edward D. Wood Jr.

A psychiatrist tells two stories: one of a transvestite (Glen or Glenda), the other of a pseudohermaphrodite (Alan or Anne).


Edward D. Wood Jr.


Edward D. Wood Jr. 


Edward D. Wood Jr., Bela Lugosi, Lyle Talbot

Edward D. Wood Jr. enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 1942. Wood claims he wore women's underwear beneath his uniform in battle. Wood took part in combat in the Marshall Islands, Naumea and he also survived the battle for Tarawa. During the invasion he had most of his front teeth knocked out in hand-to-hand combat with a Japanese soldier. Wood later served in a G-2 (intelligence) unit in the South Pacific, until he was shot by an enemy machine-gun in his legs. Wood was decorated with the Silver and Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, and Sharpshooter's Medal. 
If that's not a reason to let transvestite's in the military, I don't know what is. His first wife, Norma McCarty, kicked him out of their house on their wedding night when she discovered he was wearing women's underwear. Like in his movie, he should have told her about his problem before they got married. ★★★

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