Friday, August 11, 2017

Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill (1966) Tony Kendall

Kommissar X is recruited by a woman to locate a physicist who has gone missing. The track leads to a man named Oberon. Oberon's ultimate plan is to irradiate gold. Only he has a formula to remove the radiation making him a very rich man. Oberon has an army of women who protect him.


 Gianfranco Parolini (as Frank Kramer)


 Paul Alfred MüllerKramer) 


 Tony KendallBrad HarrisMaria Perschy

If you are expecting James Bond this is not your movie, but it is one of the better, made in Europe, spy flicks of the 1960's. The move is a little slow at first but gets better.  Tony Kendall as Jo (Kommissar X) is cool, very 007 like. The film was dubbed in English but some of the dialog in German slips in, intentional or not. As with all spy thrillers the broads are beautiful, and in a drug induced state. I just love a woman in a drug induced state that follows orders, too bad I never found one. ★★★
Tony Kendall

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