Friday, August 4, 2017

Mesa Of Lost Women (1953) Jackie Coogan

In the insect world the mail is a puny unimportant thing.

The story of a mad scientist who likes his lab assistants to be a beautiful women, all under his control. 


 Ron OrmondHerbert Tevos


 Herbert Tevos 


 Jackie CooganAllan NixonRichard Travis

Mesa Of Lost Women has suffered bad revues over the years, it's got holes in the story, the music is crappy, the acting is poor, but I thought it was fun. Jackie Coogan "Uncle Fester" as Doctor Aranya the mad scientist, is creating a race of superwomen, mutants, and giant spiders. The best part of the film for me was Tandra Quinn who plays Tarantella, she steals the show with her spider dance. Harmon Stevens as the insane doctor that likes to quote the bible, was really funny. Another funny thing is the name of the asylum, Muerto State Asylum, muerto means "dead" in English. Mesa Of Lost Women is ludicrous in all respects, but you gotta see it.★★1/2

Tandra Quinn

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