Sunday, August 13, 2017

Quicksand (1950) Mickey Rooney

After borrowing $20 from his employer's cash register, an auto mechanic is plunged into a series of increasingly disastrous circumstances which rapidly spiral out of his control.


 Irving Pichel


 Robert Smith (original screenplay)


 Mickey RooneyJeanne CagneyBarbara Bates

Quicksand is an effectively frightening film. This ordinary Joe flips his wig with terrifying ease. The film is a fascinating study of delusion and denial, the sorry consequences of lust and greed. Peter Lorre is creepy as Nick, Vera's former employer. Vera, Jeanne Cagney (James Cagney's sister) is effective as Rooney's love interest. Danny is doll dizzy and he needs the lettuce to date Vera. Danny soon finds his life spiraling out of control. Quicksand is killer-diller, see it!★★★

Jeanne Cagney & Mickey Rooney

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