Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Crime of Doctor Crespi (1935) Erich von Stroheim

Drug-induced cataleptic state leads to being buried alive.


 John H. Auer


 John H. Auer (story), Edgar Allan Poe (based on: "Premature Burial") 


 Erich von StroheimHarriet RussellDwight Frye

Scream for your life! You've just been buried alive. Dread of premature or live burial is one of our most potent fears, well told by Edgar Allan Poe in stories such as what this film is based on. Erich von Stroheim gives a chilling performance as a psychopathic doctor, mad with jealousy. Live burial was long used as a particularly cruel method of execution, which is exactly what Dr. Crespie wanted. If you suffer from  the fear of being buried alive, don't watch The Crime of Doctor Crespi.★★★

Erich von Stroheim

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