Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Mystery of Mr. Wong (1939) Boris Karloff

Detective tries to solve the murder of antiques collector who was in possession of a famous jewel known as "The Eye of the Daugther of The Moon."


 William Nigh


 Scott Darling (screenplay), (based on the "James Lee Wong" Series in Collier's Magazine written by) Hugh Wiley


 Boris KarloffGrant WithersDorothy Tree

Mr. Wong, one of the original, crime scene detectives. If Mr. Wong was questioning me I would have a tendency to tell him anything he wanted to know, especially if Mr. Wong was Boris Karloff. When I was a lad and watched creature feature on TV, Boris Karloff is the actor that got me interested in horror movies. Some people don't buy Karloff as a Chinese detective, but for me he pulls it off brilliantly. Grant Withers was a great actor, and makes a good police captain in this film. Dorothy Tree was beautiful and her diction was perfect as usual. The Mystery of Mr. Wong is based on the 1931 film "Murder At Midnight", but if you like a good detective story you will love "The Mystery of Mr. Wong".★★★
Boris Karloff & Dorothy Tree

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