Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Trip (1967) Peter Fonda

Listen to the sound of love. Feel purple. Taste green. 
Touch the scream that crawls up the wall!

A television director drops acid to gain "insight" into his life.


 Roger Corman


 Jack Nicholson


 Peter FondaSusan StrasbergBruce Dern

Roger CormanPeter FondaDennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson all took acid to prepare for the film. At that time Bruce Dern did not even know what LSD was and wanted nothing to do with drugs. I found that amusing since Dern's charterer was the Guru supplying the acid. One year later Bruce Dern can be found in another American International picture PSYCH-OUT, where he plays a far-out Jesus Freak, I guess he finally got into drugs. Fonda's character for the most part had a good trip until he thought his Guru (Dern) was dead, then he almost flipped out. I thought Fonda's acting was a little stiff in the beginning, he may have really been on acid. The Trip was OK up until the end where the screen shattered, so the message is a little vague. Dern offers Thorazine to Fonda in case of a bad trip, to bad we don't have Thorazine for a bad flick.★★

Bruce Dern & Peter Fonda

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