Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Wild Ride (1960) Jack Nicholson

A rebellious punk of the beat generation spends his days as an amateur dirt track driver in between partying and troublemaking. 


 Harvey Berman


 Ann Porter (screenplay), Marion Rothman


 Jack NicholsonGeorgianna CarterRobert Bean

Dig it, Johnny is the BIG MAN, he is hip, he is with it, and like he does not want any of his friends going Shallow man. Like there are two kinds of films man, the hip, and the square, and The Wild Ride, is hip daddy-o, you gotta dig this flick man. I got nothing bad to say about beat films man, because it's been said, Woe to those who spit on the beat generation, the wind will blow it back.★★★

 Jack Nicholson

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