Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fallguy (1962) Ed Dugan

A young man trying to help an accident victim finds himself enmeshed in political corruption and racketeering and charged with a murder he didn't commit.


Donn Harling


Richard DeLong Adams 


Ed Dugan, George Mitchell, Louis Gartner

This was a low budget independent production with no readily recognizable actors. But the acting was good, believable and with plenty of broads and action. A nice little cat fight was a surprise but not really relevant to the story. A good jazz soundtrack  accompanies the film which adds to the pace. The Fallguy, played by Ed Dugan, had a nice car that looked like about a 1960 Triumph TR3, nice ride for a young man back then. Did anybody notice the newsboy? He looked like Tony Dow, from Leave It To Beaver, but did not see his name in the credits. This is a movie film noir fans will not want to miss. ★★★

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