Friday, September 8, 2017

It! (1967) Roddy McDowall

Herbert J. Leder


Herbert J. Leder (original story & screenplay)


Roddy McDowall, Jill Haworth, Paul Maxwell

A warehouse fire reveals a 16th Century statue of Golem that promptly kills the museum's curator. IT is about a psychopathic assistant museum curator, who just like in the movie PSYCHO, keeps his dead mother around for kicks. He steals too, he rip's off the museums jewels for mommy, so he can put them around her dead neck. Arthur Pimm played by Roddy MacDowall is a nut case that uses the statue for his own selfish purposes. The lead lady Ellen Grove, the museum curator's daughter, is played by the beautiful Jill Haworth. Arthur really digs Ellen, but Ellen falls instantly in love with this guy from New York. This pisses Arthur off, so he has the Golem destroy a bridge. This flick achieved its purpose, to make you want to slap Arthur around and knock some sense into him, you might just want to kick his ass.
If you like Golem, you'll love IT.★★★

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