Saturday, September 16, 2017

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (1941) W.C. Fields


Edward F. Cline (as Edward Cline)


John T. Neville (screen play), Prescott Chaplin (screen play)


W.C. Fields, Gloria Jean, Leon Errol

Fields pitches his movie script to a producer, the idea behind his movie is absurd, but with a name like Esoteric Studios they should really go for it. As the producer reads the script we see the action unfold. Fields and Gloria Jean are on a flight in one very specious airplane. Fields jumps out of the plane to retrieve his liquor bottle and lands on a mountain unharmed. No real plot in this movie but Fields delivers some great gags and one-liners. The film ends in a mad car chase where he try's to get a women to the maternity hospital. Never Give a Sucker an Even Break is a very funny film that you can watch over and over with the family. ★★★★

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