Saturday, September 30, 2017

Teenage Devil Dolls AKA One Way Ticket to Hell  (1955)


Bamlet L. Price Jr.
Bamlet L. Price Jr.
Barbara Marks, Kurt Martell, Robert A. Sherry

This film is about a good girl, known as Cassandra, gone bad. First it's riding a motorcycle with a bad ass gang, you know, the kind of gang that looks like boy scouts. The gang gets her to smoke some weed, and we all know what happens when you smoke marijuana, soon you start doing heroin. Cassandra gets married but that does not stop her drug habit, even though her hubby bought her a cute dog, how low can you go. Eventually Cassandra gets mixed up with an international drug and smuggling ring where she meets Cholo. Cholo incidentally was a slang term used by whites meaning Mexican. This film was so different I had to look it up, and found it was the Master's thesis of film student Bamlet Lawrence Price Jr. while attending UCLA's film school.  Bamlet was married to the beautiful Anne Francis of Forbidden Planet fame. If you liked Reefer Madness you'll love the Teenage Devil Dolls, AKA One Way Ticket to Hell.★★

Barbara Marks

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