Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Black Cat (1941) Broderick Crawford


Albert S. Rogell


Robert Lees, Robert Neville


Basil Rathbone, Hugh Herbert, Broderick Crawford, Bela Lugosi

Greedy heirs gather to wait for the death of Henrietta Winslow. The only problem is someone's impatient and can't wait for her to die. Henrietta has a mausoleum and crematorium just for her cats, such a nice old lady. One of her cats gets poisoned and Henrietta gets stabbed. But who did it? Leave it to the nervous Gil and his bungling sidekick Mr. Penny to solve the mystery. Gil (Broderick Crawford) wants to buy the old mansion and Mr. Penny (Hugh Herbert)  wants the antiques, everyone else wants a piece of the estate. The Black Cat is a good mystery with plenty of familiar actors with some funny lines. The cinematography and lighting create a spooky atmosphere that make this movie fun for the whole family. ★★★

                                                        Hugh Herbert & Broderick Crawford

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